Things To Hide In Small Storage Units

12 August 2015
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People often use large public storage spaces for common events in their lives, such as moving their furniture or other belongings from one place to another, or holding onto estate items until an auction can be held after a loved one's passing. However, you can use smaller storage units for more everyday hiding purposes. Safer than hiding things at home or at work, using a smaller storage space to keep something a secret can come in handy when it comes to storing two specific types of items. Read More 

Preparing Anxious Children For An Upcoming Move

10 August 2015
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Moving can be stressful time for everyone, but children can be especially worried and confused about the process. It is up to you to reassure them about what moving will entail and to lessen concerns about their new home. Here are four ways that you can prepare children for an upcoming move. 1. Keep the Discussion Going If you are making solid plans to move, it is a good idea to work this into everyday conversation with your kids. Read More 

6 Important Things To Do After Buying And Moving Into Your First Home

3 August 2015
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After devoting a considerable amount of time, effort, and money into buying a new home, you want to continue to make the right decisions to guarantee a positive experience as a first-time homeowner. It is during the process of moving into your new home and while you are getting settled that you want to get a number of important things out of the way, when it is easiest to accomplish. Read More 

Long-Distance Moving Survival Guide For Parents With Kids

4 June 2015
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It's hard enough to make a move on your own, but when you have to add children into the picture, the move is that much more difficult. To help limit your stress so that you can survive the long-distance move while also keeping your kids in a good mood, here are four things to do: 1. Don't Leave Without a Goodbye. One of the worst things you can do in the eyes of your children is leave the house without telling it goodbye. Read More 

Hiring A Moving Company For Your Relocation? Understanding The Insurance Coverage For Your Belongings

2 June 2015
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Any time you move your household, the odds are good that something is going to be damaged in the process. A few broken drinking glasses is not a big deal. However, a damaged living room couch can lead to a costly expense. When choosing a moving company, be sure to ask what type of insurance policy they have and what coverage you will have under it. While all licensed moving companies are required by law to offer basic insurance coverage at no additional cost, this may not be enough to replace your possessions. Read More