Long-Distance Moving Survival Guide For Parents With Kids

4 June 2015
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It's hard enough to make a move on your own, but when you have to add children into the picture, the move is that much more difficult. To help limit your stress so that you can survive the long-distance move while also keeping your kids in a good mood, here are four things to do:

1. Don't Leave Without a Goodbye.

One of the worst things you can do in the eyes of your children is leave the house without telling it goodbye. For younger kids, leaving the home they grew up in will be particularly stressful. They have a lot of memories, just like you. To help ease the transition a bit, plan a little party to say goodbye to the house.

2. Create a DIY Activity Book.

Distraction is something that is very good for children when in the car. It helps them to pass the time easier. If you aren't one of those parents who encourage hand-held games or the like, you may want to consider creating a customized and crafty activity book. Use a three-ring binder and your imagination to come up with a binder that is full of coloring book pages, blank pages, stickers, games, puzzles and anything else you can think of. Don't forget to bring along a pencil case of some sort to hold colored pencils, crayons and markers. 

3. Consider a Trip-Tailored Treasure Map.

Driving a long distance can be extremely hard on children, as they tend to get a little antsy. Therefore, you're going to make frequent stops. To make things a bit more fun, plan a few stops along the way. These stops can include some fun sights, landmarks and museums. Create a map that starts at your old home and ends at your new home. Along the way, place little markers of where you plan to stop. This may help your child stay entertained for the duration of the trip.

4. Create a DIY Lego Box.

Almost every kid loves Legos. They can keep many children busy for hours. However, when you're riding in a car, those little bitty pieces can easily be lost. Therefore, you may want to think about creating your very own Lego box. Get a plastic pencil case or even a lunch box and use super glue to glue a large Lego base piece to the top and/or inside of the box. The case gives your kids a place to store the Legos and the glued base pieces give your kids a sturdy place to build.

Since you are going to be stressed enough riding a long distance with kids, you may want to consider hiring professionals (such as Pacific Northwest Moving company) to come in to pack your stuff and move it. It can really take a load off of you.