Organizing Your Move To Save Time And Money

14 May 2015
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Moving is a stressful time for everyone involved. It's hard to make the process happen without a problem of some kind. The best thing that you can do is prepare ahead of time for every part of the move and organize accordingly. The following tips will help you organize your move so it goes a little smoother.

Keep it Together

In the room where you are going to store your packed boxes, make sure that you keep the boxes together and organized by room. You can use a piece of paper on the wall to designate the bedroom boxes or even a piece of paper on the floor marked "bathroom."

Another helpful tip is to choose a color of tape for each box. You can get duct tape in many different colors and if you use it to close the box when you are done packing, you and the movers can easily tell where the boxes go in your new home. To make it easy, make a color coded list.

Instead of pulling out the contents of every dresser drawer in your home, pull out the door and wrap it in moving wrap. The drawer will be protected and all you will need to do is remove the plastic. No packing and unpacking necessary. You can also do this with a cutlery tray or baskets and then put those items in boxes for easy moving.

When you pack your plates, use paper plates in between them to provide extra protection and padding. If you are worried about them rattling around, you can create a stack of plates with foam paper plates sandwiched in between them and wrap the whole stack in moving plastic wrap. 

Remember to pack an overnight bag for each member of the family that has a couple of changes of clothes, medications, and toiletries. So when you spend your first night at your new place, you don't have unpack just to get dressed the next morning. 

Prepare the New Home

Before you have movers come, go to your new home, if possible, and make sure everything is fresh and clean. Go room to room using painter's tape and mark off where the furniture should go. A tape outline or even just a piece will do fine. Then, write the name of the furniture on the tape. On moving day, you can direct your moving company to the room and they can handle the rest.

These tips will hopefully make your move go a little smoother. Remember, you are going to face bumps along the road, but don't get discouraged. Focus on the end goal, a new house and a fresh start.