You're Doing It Wrong! Tips For Packing Your Breakable Items

12 May 2015
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If you are getting ready to move, one of the hardest parts is packing up your breakable and fragile items. When it comes to breakables, you cannot just toss them into a box and cross your fingers that they will not break. There is a method to the madness of packing and if you follow it correctly, your breakables will be intact when you unpack your boxes.

Take Your Time and Wrap Each Item

When it comes time to pack, grab some bubble wrap, tape, and your valuables. You need to wrap each individual plate, cup, bowl, and décor item into a separate piece of bubble wrap. Make sure the piece of bubble wrap is large enough to envelope the entire piece and secure the wrap in place with tape. Press on the bubble wrap slightly to ensure the wrap is thick enough to avoid any type of breaking should the box move or the items inside shift in place.

Choose a Container or Box Wisely

Never overestimate the power of your box or container and make sure you choose one able to withstand the weight and impact of the move. Instead of opting for a traditional cardboard box, consider a thicker box used for dishes and other heavy items. The cardboard in dish boxes is reinforced for better protection of your items.

Avoid Empty Spaces When Packing

When you begin to fill up your box with fragile items, avoid having any empty spaces in the box or container. When you have an empty spot, your items can roll around and shift during the move, which leaves them susceptible to damage.

If you have open spaces and nothing to put in the spaces, consider using packing peanuts, air pillows, or even crumpled up paper to help fill the void. Once it is time to move, use professional tape to secure your box and let your professional movers know which boxes have fragile items in them. If you are moving the breakables yourself, carefully place them in a spot where they will not be knocked into or moved around.

Packing up your fragile items takes time and it is recommended that you begin packing these items a few days or even a week prior to your move. Rushing through the wrapping and packing process will leave you upset if you open a box and discover broken items. Then, you have to deal with replacing the items you broke. Contact a local moving company, like Hendra Moving & Storage (2007) Ltd, if you have questions.