How To Properly Store Artist Markers, Pens, And Pencils

7 May 2015
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Whether you are a budding artist or a parent with creative kids, you need to figure out a way to store all those artists markers, pens, and pencils. No matter if you're using cheap markers or professional ones, you need to store them in a way that will make them last and work perfectly the moment you press it to paper.

Here is a guide to how to store different types of artist's markers, pencils, and pens:


There are several types of markers, but all of them can be stored in the same way. This includes traditional markers, dry erase markers, double-tip markers, and paint markers that you shake before use. These are all filled with ink or paint that flows to the tips when you use them.

Store your markers horizontally. Pile them up in a box or bag so that they all rest on the sides. This keeps the ink or paint in one place: the center of the marker. When you go to use the marker, the ink or paint will flow to the tip without having to travel to far to get there.

Do not store markers vertically. If you store them vertically with the tip pointing down, then the ink or paint pool up on the tip and you end up with a huge glob when you use it. If you store them point side up then the ink or paint flows to the bottom and the marker won't work.


Pens filled with traditional ink or gel ink need to be stored differently than markers. These pens, often made with ball points or rollerball points, work when the ink flows to the ball at the end. You roll the ball on the paper to help the ink flow out and constantly coating the ball in ink.

Store your ballpoint and gel pens vertically. You want the ink to flow to the tip of the pen so that when you go to write the ink flows out instantly. It shouldn't pool up at the tip because of the ball design. The ink waits at the tip until you roll the ball against the paper to release the ink.


Colored pencils or graphite pencils that haven't been sharpened are easy to store. Keep them horizontally anywhere until you are ready to use them. It is the sharpened pencils that can cause problem with storage. You don't have to worry about ink flow when it comes to pencils, but you do have to worry about the sharp tips.

Store sharpened pencils vertically. You can either place them point side up or down. To keep your points safe from breaking, you should place them point side down inside a dish of rice. Fill a cup with rice and gently place the pencils inside. The rice keeps the points safe. If you want to store them point side up, just take care not to accidentally hit the pencils, which might break the tips.

Now you know how to store your markers, pens, and pencils like a pro. They will last a long time with proper storage. For more tips about long-term storage of your art supplies, talk to a storage facility like Campbell Creek Mini Storage Ltd.