Three Ways To Avoid Loneliness When Moving To A New City

6 May 2015
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Leaving your friends behind and moving to a new city can bring up feelings of stress, unease and loneliness. To ensure you settle in and make new friends quickly, follow these tips before, during and after your move:

Hire a moving company so you have more time to spend saying goodbye.

Packing your belongings into boxes and then into a moving truck is so time-consuming. If you hire a company to do this for you, you'll have hours upon hours of extra time that you can spend saying goodbye to the people you love. This way, you won't feel like you have left ends untied when you move to a new city

Your relationships back home will feel strong, so you're in a positive mood and ready to go seek out new people in your new city.

Have a friend come with you for your first week in the new place.

Arriving at your new doorstep all alone can be intimidating. Ask a close friend to come with you for the first week at your new place. Not only will unpacking and arranging your items be more fun with someone else there, but you'll also have an easier time going out and getting to know other people in your new town if you have your sidekick by your side at first.

Plan some social activities before you even arrive in your new city.

If you arrive and are instantly struck with loneliness and depression, you may be tempted to just sit inside alone for your first few weeks in your new place. You can avoid this situation by making plans for your future self while you're still in your old, familiar place.

Sign up for a group hike in the area, buy a ticket to a show you'd like to see, or make plans to attend art classes in your new city. This is especially effective if you have to pre-pay to partake in the activity. If you've already paid for it, you'll be unlikely to skip this social event and more likely to attend and meet some new people.

During your first few weeks in your new place, you are likely to miss the comfort of your old friends back home. If you follow the tips above, however, your loneliness will be short-lived. You'll soon discover that there are wonderful, friendly people wherever you go, and some of them will become your new buddies.

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