Efficient Use Of Storage Units

18 March 2015
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When homes become too cluttered, you either can't find what you need, or you don't even know what you possess anymore, and you buy the same time again. Self storage units may be the answer. However, if you don't use them efficiently, they can just become an extension of your cluttered home.

How To Use Your Storage Unit Efficiently

Efficient use of storage space involves the placement and identification of items according to need. Of course, you may want to consider if you will ever need some items that are cluttering your home.

Take a realistic assessment of the things that you intend to keep in a storage unit, and ask yourself the following questions:

Have you ever used some of the items that you intend to pay to store?

Do you foresee a time that you will ever use them?

Are they unusable by anyone (junk)?

If you store such items, your clutter will grow beyond manageable proportions. Take your clutter to a landfill, and donate the usable items to a charitable organization who can use them.

Organizing what you intend to store will require the use of plastic storage containers or boxes, removable painter's tape, and markers.

The first things to be placed in a storage unit are heavy items that you don't want to move frequently, such as furniture, appliances, or larger pieces of exercise equipment.

Sentimental items and important papers that may not be touched for years should be placed in plastic containers or boxes, and clearly marked with painter's tape with the exact contents. Don't mix different kinds of items in the same container. You want easy access when you need them.

Seasonal items such as holiday decorations and sports equipment should occupy a place in the unit where they are easily accessible when the time comes to use them. Pack and mark containers carefully. Generic descriptions such as "Christmas Decorations" marked on ten different containers will necessitate going through each container to find what you need. Specific descriptions such as "outdoor lights" will enable you to find exactly what you need.

Clothes for different seasons should receive the same treatment as other seasonal items. Mark them for the appropriate season and also for the specific family member. If the same clothes are stored year after year without being worn, it may be time to reassess whether they should be kept. This applies to most of the items in storage that are not of sentimental or practical value. Talk to experts like Target Storage for more information.