Before You Call A Freight Shipping Company: Three Things To Know

17 March 2015
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If you need to ship a large quantity of freight, shipping companies that focus on freight transport might be your best option. Since freight shipping can vary so much from one situation to the next, it is especially useful if you try to determine exactly what kind of freight transport help you will require well ahead of time. Below, you can read about the three things you should know prior to calling a trucking company that does freight transport.

A List of Goods Being Transported

The kind of goods being transported can determine exactly how the moving is done. It can also have an impact on how many different moving companies that you need to complete the move successfully. Sometimes multiple shipping companies must coordinate on freight shipping, especially for international moves.

While you may not need to itemize every single thing that you are moving, having at least a general list of items is important. For example, you need to be sure to inform your movers if you plan to include any potentially hazardous goods since such items may require special moving trucks and personnel who are trained to deal with this type of materials.

The Weight of the Load

The amount that you pay to ship large freight loads is usually determined by the total weight of the load. Because freight is almost always quite heavy, it can be difficult to determine just how much the weight of the load will be ahead of time. When you contact the movers, they will usually ask you for an estimate of the total weight. Your cost estimate will be based upon this number, so it's always better to overestimate rather than underestimate.

If you really have no idea of how much your freight weighs, ask your shipping company if they will send a representative to your property to view the freight you plan to ship. The shipping company representative can often give you an estimate based on a quick visual analysis. Of course, to get an exact cost you will have to wait until the day of moving, when the freight will be weighed.

Where The Freight Is Being Shipped

No matter what you are transporting, there are specific rules and regulations that govern the moving of these items. Your moving company will need to be familiar with the rules and regulations for both the area where the freight is being shipped from, and the area where it is going.

Each shipping company has its own shipping area, so you need to be certain that you find movers who are able to work in both the area where you are, and the area where the freight will be going.

If you need to move a load of freight soon, planning ahead is always wise. If you know the three things discussed above, it will help you prepare for the move as easily as possible. Call a local shipping company (such as meyers transport freight management) today to get started.