Organizing Your Self-Storage Unit

8 October 2014
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If you have just rented a self-storage unit to fill with your belongings, you can save yourself a lot of trouble by making a plan before bringing things inside. Taking the time to organize your storage until will be extremely beneficial when you go inside to find something. Here are some ideas when setting up your storage unit for use.

The Far Wall

When setting up your storage unit, consider leaving the back wall empty. Do not lean anything along this wall and leave about a foot of space free on the floor in front of this wall. This will allow you to be able to navigate your way around your self storage unit easily, without things falling and without tripping over things.

Large Items

Very tall or large items should be propped up against the side walls of your unit. This will keep them out of the way, and will maximize the area you have for your items. Store items such as couches and mattresses lengthwise, so that the height of the storage unit is utilized.

Hidden Areas

Any drawers should be filled to the maximum with other items. Try to stack things inside drawers so that all space is used. Don't just throw things inside. Drawers are perfect spots for breakable items, as they will be out of the way where they cannot be accidentally dropped or hit. 

Wrap up breakable items with sheets, towels, clothing or any other material. This will save them from cracking or chipping while utilizing the space wisely. Appliances can also be used. Open doors of refrigerators, washing machines and dryers and put items inside to store out of way. 

Smaller Items

When packing your items to move into a storage unit, take your time to make sure everything is packed neatly and by room or theme. If you keep items of a kind together, it will make things easier if you are looking for them later. 

Use plastic tubs to store your belongings. They are much sturdier than cardboard boxes and can be stacked rather high. If you must use cardboard boxes, make sure they are good quality with thick cardboard. Pack bins and boxes with the heavier items toward the bottom. When stacking, put heavier boxes or bins on the floor and stack the lighter ones on top.

Label your bins or boxes with a thick black marker. Make sure to label anything that is breakable. It is a great idea to write down the contents as well as what room or area of an office the material belongs.